Hosting a fair is always a great honour for me. To give the whole event a framework, to get in touch professionally with many topics and simply let the visitors have a good time. Getting the most out of the event with teamwork and making my contribution with a unique moderation is what matters to me. Moderate in a qualitatively valuable way. For your trade fair.

In my work as a trade fair moderator, the atmosphere at your fair is especially important to me. With clear moderation and a touch of humour, I contribute my part to a very special fair. Getting in touch with a wide range of topics particularly excites me at the trade fair moderation. It will be very important for me to bring your products closer to the visitor. In addition, I will incorporate my sales expertise from my past in the B2B business to attract the customers you want to your exhibition booth.

The professional at the microphone, bookable for trade fairs, companies or congresses. Focus in Bavaria, especially Munich and Nuremberg. The slightly different fair moderator, who will be remembered by visitors and the audience.

Main moderation
of the fair

Moderations of
all kinds

Intermediate moderation and announcements

Leading panel

with guests

Moderation of
ade fair live streams

Moderation at the
exhibition booth

Special moderation
for lead generation

Booking as moderator for trade fair and congress.

In addition also bookable, for companies for moderation at the exhibition booth, for example as a sales promotion and support for your employees in attracting visitors. For the international audience, the trade fair moderation can be booked in English.

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