Event Moderator

Really picking up the audience and making the event as lively as possible is what matters to me in my work as an event moderator. Put a smile on the face of the visitors, or simply bring things closer to them with clear moderation. With a lot of humour, a powerful voice and full focus. For your event.

When I work as an event moderator, the atmosphere at your event is what matters to me mostly. With clear moderation and a touch of humour, I contribute my part to an unforgettable evening for the audience. For events from different areas, whether Munich or the whole of Germany. I am a professional at the microphone and present different topics of your event with joy. The result is a clear moderation for events in sports, for companies or for a chic evening gala. The slightly different moderator with passion, who remains in the memory of the audience.

Main moderation
of the event

Moderations of
all kinds

Intermediate moderation and announcements

Leading panel

Interviews with guests
on stage

All other tasks
of the moderator

Moderation of
Video Live Streams

Close cooperation
with the organiser

Booking as event moderator for:

Sports events of all kinds, companies, galas, congresses, panel discussion, TV, agencies or other events. Focus in Munich and Bavaria. For
the international audience, the moderation can be booked in English.

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